From Sally F:

"Through the Cards for a Cause Fundraisers program, our school was able to raise over $2,000. We set a goal for each family in our school to sell 10 boxes, and most of the families met the goal. We even had one family sell over 20 boxes. It was a great fundraiser."

From a happy organizer in Minnesota:

"We LOVED our Cards for a Cause Fundraisers event and plan to do it several times a year. We already have earned $350!"

From a satisfied customer in South Dakota:

"This was the best fundraiser we have done in terms of simplicity and money returned. About a month ago, we had a different fundraiser in the cafeteria and sold over $1000, but were disappointed to receive less than $100 back for our efforts. This fundraiser has provided a 43% return and we quickly sold all of our product!"